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Terms and Conditions

Version Date: February 2009

  1. This on-line service is for you to give instructions for the making of your Will.
    Completing the questionnaire does not amount to making a Will.
  2. The on-line service is available to you only if you live in Northern Ireland and are over the age of 18 years.
  3. Once the Will is sent to you, it is your responsibility to check its accuracy before signing it. Thompsons NI do not accept responsibility for any errors made in a Will that you have checked and signed as correct. Thompsons NI will draft your Will in accordance with your instructions. This on-line service does not provide tax planning advice. We will not advise you in relation to the making of any Will or any aspect of it prepared as a result of this online service as this is not a term of the retainer. Please note that it may be appropriate for you to take professional advice as to any tax planning measures before making your Will.
  4. Data Protection
    • Data Protection - Data will be held by Thompsons NI for planned future services, which may include the ability to request changes to existing Wills or additional services.
    • Data will only be used for
    i. Preparation of the Will
    ii. Monitoring of the service
    iii. Contacting you in relation to the service being provided.
    • Data will not be transferred to Third parties except
    i. Information relating to Union membership may be provided to your union, when a service has been provided as part of a scheme between Thompsons NI and your union.
  5. Thompsons NI reserve the right to
    • Change these terms and conditions without notice.
    • Refuse to process a Will application at our discretion.
  6. These terms and conditions apply to your relationship with Thompsons NI in relation to this on-line Wills service.
  7. By accepting these terms and conditions you are deemed to consent to Thompsons NI collecting and holding data for you.